Precious metal solders and brazing filler metals

Tokuriki Honten provides precious metal solders and brazing filler metals with excellent solderability, brazability and high bonding reliability, which are used for joining precision components in various fields ranging from traffic and transport to electric and electronic industries.

Low-melting Au solders


Low-melting Au-alloy solders are mainly used for sealing electronic components of telecommunication equipment.

Physical properties of low-melting Au solders (reference)

Solid-phase point (℃) Liquid-phase point (℃) Density (g/cm3)
80Au-Sn 280 280 14.5
88Au-Ge 356 356 14.7

Cd-free Ag brazing filler metals


Used to joint stainless steel, processed copper, and other metal parts, Cd-free Ag brazing filler metals are widely used in various industries. Our Ag brazing filler metals are free of cadmium, harmful substance.

Physical properties of Cd-free Ag brazing filler metals (reference)

Ag% Solid-phase point (℃) Liquid-phase point (℃) Brazing temperature (℃) Density (g/cm3) Tensile strength (MPa) Stretch (%) Corresponding JIS No.
SS-1 72 780 780 780~900 10.0 290 20 BAg-8
SS-14 56 620 650 650~760 9.2 450 20 BAg-7
SS-19 40 670 780 780~900 8.8 500 25 BAg-4
SS-20 50 690 775 775~870 9.3 450 26 BAg-6
SS-520 52 634 690 690~800 9.1 450 28
SS-671 68 790 800 800~900 10.0 290 20

Tokuriki Flux


The Tokuriki Flux, being developed considering the brazing temperatures, protection of base materials, and fluidity of melted brazing filler metals, enables easy and reliable brazing.

Physical properties of Tokuriki Flux (reference)

Classification Type Id. Main ingredients Applicable temperature range Main applicable Ag brazing filler metals Main applicable base materials
No.40 Liquid 40A Borax
Boric acid
550 ~ 800℃ SS-1
Widely used for Cu, brass and other Cu alloys, stainless steel, and precious metals
Powder 40B SS-1