About Us

Tokuriki Honten—Tradition and Reliability Fostered Through the Long History Since Edo Period

In 1727, about three hundred years ago, Toshichi Tokuriki-ya, our predecessor who had been running an exchange house, started the recasting business of gold and silver coins under the command of the Tokugawa Shogunate (Yoshimune Tokugawa, the eighth shogun).

As one of the world’s oldest precious metal suppliers, Tokuriki Honten has been continuing our business keeping up with incessant social, economic, and technological changes through the long history since Edo period.

“Our philosophy to place the greatest value on the trust and confidence of our customers and society” and “Our unceasing passion to explore the possibility of precious metals” have been the driving force of our raison d’etre.

We have been performing our role as a regular member of Japan Gold Metal Association (JGMA) responsible for popularizing sound trade and knowledge of precious metals and have established trust and reliability in our bullion brand in Japan.

We have been internationally recognized as an approved melter and assayer both by LBMA (The London Bullion Market Association) and LPPM (The London Platinum & Palladium Market). Our brand of precious metal bars is recognized as “Good Delivery Bars” and they are traded all over the world, as well as in Japan.

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