Make-break-contact materials [reference data]

Example of CFA500 sectional structure

Example of CF510 sectional structure

Figure: Wear characteristics of CFA621 contact (reference)

Test condition AC-4 Voltage AC220V electric current AC108A p.f 0.33 Opening / closing frequency 600sw/hr φ4.4 Use rivet contact

Figure: Wear characteristics of CF510 contact (reference)

Test condition AC-3 Voltage AC220V 37V electric current AC210A 35A p.f 0.30 Opening / closing frequency 1,200sw/hr Moving contact orifice 5.7×t1.3 Fixed contact Use orifice 5.7×t1.9

A make-break-contact wears because of the arcs generated while opening and closing. The CF and CFA series offer contact materials with less wear and exhibit performance similar to that of conventional Ag-CdO based contact materials.

Figure: Contact resistance of CF contact (reference)

Contact resistance is one of the important characteristics for make-break-contacts. We provide materials that exhibit low contact resistance even at low contact pressures.